Hardball Doubles Squash was invented in Philadelphia, PA in 1907 and was standardized in the early 1920s. Today, there are four major doubles organizations overseeing more than 15,000 players in North America: Squash Canada, U.S. Squash, the Squash Doubles Association (SDA) and Women’s Doubles Squash Association (WDSA). These four groups manage all aspects of doubles play, from beginner to elite professional, and work together to grow and promote the game.

Since 2000, the men’s tour (SDA) has grown to 20 events with over $70,000 in prize money annually. The women’s tour (WDSA), formed in 2007, is approaching $100,000 and recently hosted a $50,000 event in New York. With more than 175 Hardball Doubles courts in North America, the sport is well positioned for future growth.

The U.S. and Canada alternate hosting the World Hardball Doubles Championship every two years. Canada hosted the 2011 Championships featuring women’s teams from five countries, while the men represented 10 different nations.

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Hardball Doubles in Canada

Hardball doubles has been a fixture of Canadian Squash since the early 1930s. Five Canadian provinces (British Columbia, Alberta, Manitoba, Ontario and Quebec) house all 36 courts in the country. The Canadian Doubles National Championships were first played in 1934 and, with the exception of 1938, have been played every year since then. Provincial Championships are held in four of the five provinces and over 1,100 players participate in Doubles Squash leagues across the country. It is estimated that there are over 4,000 hardball doubles players in Canada.

Canadian Doubles Structure

The Squash Canada Doubles Committee reports to the Squash Canada Board of Directors. It is made up of two sub-committees: Doubles Committee and Doubles Officiating Committee. Together, they represent all doubles committees and professional doubles organizations (IDSA and WDSA) in the country. By collaborating with U.S. Squash, international events, tournament schedules, rules and officiating, doubles will continue to thrive in North America.

Canadian Doubles Rankings

Squash Canada maintains a Canadian rankings list for hardball doubles play.  The Hardball Doubles Ranking System & Seeding Criteria details how the rankings system works.  Last updated in February 2017, the document can be viewed here: Hardball Doubles Ranking System & Seeding Criteria

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Squash Canada Doubles National Championships

Each year, Squash Canada holds the Canadian National Doubles Championships for men, women and mixed doubles in 40+ to 80+ age divisions.
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Canadian Doubles Stats

  • Cricket’s Jay Gillespie holds the longest run in the history of Canadian Doubles titles with a total of 8 consecutive doubles titles  (2007-2014 in Canadian Mixed 50 & 55 Doubles Championships-winning 7 with Gillen & 1 with  Freeman).
  • Only one woman and two men have ever won 5 consecutive Canadian Doubles titles in the same age category.  Only one man has won 5 consecutive doubles titles both in Canadian Mixed and Men's Doubles Championships.
  • 2009-2013  Stephanie Hewitt - Mixed Open 
  • 2004-2008  Scott Dulmage - Mixed Open
  • 2010-2016  Scott Dulmage - Men’s 40s
  • 2014-2018  Sean McDonough - Men's 60s all with Sandy Tierney (USA)
  • There are only 11 Canadian players that have won 4 consecutive doubles titles in the same age category
  • Men’s Open
    1960-1963  Lorne Main & S Pemberton-Smith
    2014-2017  Robin Clarke & Scott Arnold
  • Men's 40's
    1954-1958 Harald R. Martin & Leonard Schlemm
  • Men’s 50’s
    1975-1978  Gord Guyana
    Note: Tom Poor won 1995-1998
  • Women’s 40
    1998-2001  Lolly Gillen
    2014-2017  Michele Ramsey
  • Mixed Open
    1982-1985 Barb Savage
    2005-2008 Jessica DiMauro
  • Mixed 50s
    2007-2010  Jay Gillespie
  • Mixed 55+
    2007-2010  Lolly Gillen & Jay Gillespie

    Note: David Potter & Chris Wheeler will be going for #4 in 2019

Most Men’s Open - Jamie Bentley - 6 (Paul Deratnay, Taylor Fawcett & Scott Stonebugh - 4)
Most Women’s Open - Jessica DiMauro - 9 (Karen Jerome - 8, Stephanie Hewitt - 7)


The CAN-AM Cup

Canadian and American doubles teams compete every second year for the Can-Am Cup. The first event was held in Boston, MA in October 2008. It brings together the best men’s and women’s doubles squash players from across North America in a “Ryder Cup” team format with open and age group categories. The 2016 event took place in Wilmington, DE with over 50 elite level players from each country participating.

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Canadian Doubles Court Locations:

Club Address #      1 City Prov Postal Code # Contact Email Address
Bow Valley Club 370, 250–6th Avenue SW Calgary AB T2P 3H7  1 Ken Cross
Calgary Winter Club 4611 - 14 Street NW Calgary AB T2K 1J7  1 Glen Stark
Glencoe Club 636 29 Ave SW Calgary AB T2S 0P1  1 David Duncalf
World Health Club 7222 Edgemont Boulevard Calgary AB T3A 2X7  1 Jonathan Hill
Edmonton Squash Club 15330 111Avenue Edmonton AB T5M 4C8  1 Jeff Williams
Royal Glenora Club 11160 River Valley Road  Edmonton AB T5J 2G7  1 Pete Goodings
BRITISH COLUMBIA              
Evergreen Squash Club 1802 Glenair Drive N. Vancouver BC  V7P 1Y1  1  Thomas Brinkman
Hollyburn Country Club 950 Crosscreek Road W. Vancouver BC V7S 2S5  1 Jeff Boag
Vancouver Lawn Tennis &
Badminton Club
1630 West 15th Ave Vancouver BC V6J 2K7  1 Justin Todd
Vancouver Racquets Club 4867 Ontario Street Vancouver BC V5V 3H4  1 Steve Lawton
Winnipeg Squash Racquets Club 275 Stradbrook Avenue Winnipeg MB R3L 0J5  1 Dave Glass
Winnipeg Winter Club 200 River Avenue Winnipeg MB R3L 0B2  1 Trevor Borland
NEW BRUNSWICK              
Club Moncton SOFTBALL DOUBLES Moncton NB    2 Jan Preditis
Athletic Club 595 West St. Brantford ON N3R 7C3  1 Tony Yacobino
Badminton & Racquet Club 25 St. Clair Avenue West Toronto ON M4V 1K6  1 Eric Baldwin
Brantford Movati Athletic 519-756-1234  Brantford  ON    1 Nicole Garon
Burlington Racquets Club 1233 Dillon Road Burlington ON L7M 1K6  1 Doug Hamilton
Cedar Springs Racquet &
960 Cumberland Avenue Burlington ON L7N 3J6  3 Keith Griffiths
City of Pickering Recreation
1867 Valley Farm Road Pickering ON L1V 3Y7  2 Nicole Pirko
Executive Squash & Fitness 8301 Jane St Vaughn ON L4K 5P3  1 Rob Brooks
Fitness Institute - T.D.Centre Club Aetna Tower, P.O. Box 263 Toronto ON M5K 1J5  1 Josh MacDonald
Goodlife Queensview SOFTBALL DOUBLES Ottawa ON K2B 8K2  1 Heather Wallace
Granite Club 2350 Bayview Avenue  Willowdale ON M2L 1E4  2 Jim Paton
Kitchener-Waterloo Racquet Club 138 Duke Street East Kitchener ON N2H 1A7  1 Jeff Deveril jdeverill@planetkids
London Squash Club 76 Albert Street  London ON N6A 1L8  1 Jay Francis
Mayfair Lakeshore Racquet Club  801 Lakeshore Boulevard E Toronto ON  M4M 1A9  1 Barbara Cooper
Mayfair Parkway Racquet Club 50 Steelcase Rd E Markham ON L3R 1E8  2 Rafik Bhaloo
Northfield Racquet Club 155 Northfield Dr.W Waterloo ON N2L 5J3  1 Andrew Mount
Ontario Racquet Club 884 Southdown Road Mississauga ON L5J 2Y4  1 Al Cook squashdept@ontarioracquetc
Richmond Hill Squash Club 377 Ohio Rd. Richmond Hill ON L4C 3A1  1 Danny Paolucci
Royal Canadian Yacht Club 141 St. George Street Toronto ON M5R 2L8  1 Taylor Fawcett tayloRfawcett@RCYC.CA
TAG Fitness 90 High Street Collingwood ON L9Y 4K2  1 Gail Scott
The Cambridge Club  100 Richmond St., W. 11th Fl. Toronto ON M5H 3K6  1 Jamie Bentley
Toronto Cricket & Curling Club 141 Wilson Avenue Toronto ON M5M 3A3  3 Patrick Ryding
Toronto Lawn Tennis Club 44 Price Street Toronto ON M4W 1Z4  1 Andrew Thompson
Toronto Racquet Club 159 Bleecker Street Toronto ON M4X 1L9  1 Scott Arnold
Windsor Squash & Fitness Club 2475 McDougall Street  Windsor ON N8X 3N9  1 Graeme Williams
Atwater Club 3505 Atwater Avenue Montreal PQ H3H 1Y2  2 David Phillips
McGill University 475, Avenue des Pins ouest Montreal PQ H2W 1S4  1 Bob Dubeau