Assessor Training

There are two levels of assessors in Canada - Provincial and National.  Assessors enter into the program at the Provincial level and can then progress to the National level.
To become a Provincial Assessor, a candidate:
  • Must be nominated by their respective Provincial/Territorial Squash Association;
  • Must be a ‘Provincial’ or ‘National’ Referee;
  • Must complete the Assessor Training Course found at;
  • Must pass the Assessor Training Course exam by attaining at least an 80% mark;
  • Must attend a consultation session with a National Assessor for a complete review of the full Certification Clinic to the satisfaction of the Assessor – all in preparation for a shared clinic presentation;
  • Must share the presentation of a Rules Clinic (or full Certification Clinic) with the same Assessor – and be assessed in that role to the satisfaction of the Assessor;
  • Must be assessed by a National assessor while conducting an assessment of a Referee seeking a ‘Local’ signature.
  • Conduct Certification and Rules Clinics in cooperation with their Provincial/Territorial Associations.
  • Assess and upgrade other Referees up to their own level of certification.
  • Given that a “National Assessor” must first be a “Provincial Assessor”, all the stated functions of a “Provincial Assessor” may therefore be performed by a “National Assessor”.

To find out how you progress from a Provincial Assessor to a National Assessor, click here.