Cameron Seth

Date de naissance : 
Ville de résidence : 
Fergus, ON
Club : 
University of Waterloo
Entraîneur(s) : 
Pat Ryding, Jamie Hickox, Sam Sabourin
Commanditaires : 
Black Knight
Résultats clés : 
  • Canadian Junior Champion 2012
  • Canadian University Champion 2016

Current PSA Ranking: 173 (last month 180)

 #SquadGoals: 15 question interview with Cameron Seth

Racquet: Black Knight Quicksilver
Clothing: Black Knight
Based in (what city): Waterloo, Ontario
Right or left handed: Right handed
Hobbies: Reading, table tennis and physics 
Favourite tournament: 
Favourite player: Jansher Khan
Role model growing up: Dad
Favourite match you’ve played: 2011Canadian Junior Open finals vs. Edgar Zayas
When did you start playing: Age 4
When did you start playing professionally on the PSA World Tour: 2015
Favourite shot: Counter drop
Favourite quote: Perfect practice makes perfect
Any schooling (uni/college/personal training/etc): University of Waterloo, Bachelors Math