The objective of the High Performance Squad is to prepare Canadian athletes to achieve the pinnacle of Canadian and international squash success. High Performance Squad athletes are those fully committed to achieving the necessary performance standards and training schedule to represent Canada in major international competitions. 

These High Performance Squads are selected based on the approved Selection Policy, and in collaboration with Squash Canada’s High Performance Committee (HPC) and the association’s respective National Coaches. Squad members have access to support and various special services from Squash Canada. 

For more information on Squash Canada’s National Team program contact Squash Canada’s Performance Director.

Men's High Performance Squad   Women's High Performance Squad
Shawn De Lierre (Montreal)   Samantha Cornett (Toronto)
Mike McCue (Toronto)   Danielle Letourneau (Calgary)
Nick Sachvie (St. Catharines)   Hollie Naughton (Toronto)
Andrew Schnell (Calgary)   Nikki Todd (Regina)

Men's Transition Squad   Women's Transition Squad
David Baillargeon (Quebec City) (P)   Nicole Bunyan (Victoria) (P)
Matt Henderson (Victoria) (A)   Chloe Chemtob (Montreal/Orlando) (A)
Michael Mehl (Calgary) (A)   Alyssa Mehta (Toronto) (A)
Graeme Schnell (Calgary) (A)   Micaala Seth (Fergus) (A)
Rahul Sehrawat (Oakville) (A)    
Cameron Seth (Fergus) (P)    
Ravi Seth (Fergus) (A)    
Dane Sharp (Toronto) (A)    
Albert Shoihet (Toronto) (P)    

*(P): Transition - Professional
*(A): Transition - Amateur

National Coaching Staff

Jamie Hickox - Performance Director
Yvon Provencal - Men's National Coach
Graeme Williams - Women's National Coach
Jonathan Hill - Junior Men's National Coach
Richard Yendell - Junior Women's National Coach
Tim Marshall - National Team Physiotherapist


2015-2016 Talent Identification Squad

Junior Boys   Junior Girls
Matt Bicknell (BC)   Ella Baldwin (ON)
John Dempsey (BC)   Marlow Benson (ON)
Dylan Deverill (ON)   Lucia Bicknell (BC)
Abdelrahman Dweek (BC)   Hannah Blatt (MB)
George Crowne (ON)   Sarah Cao (BC)
James Flynn (ON)   Molly Chadwick (ON)
Justin Ghaeli (ON)   Bethany Churchill (AB)
Julien Gosset (ON)   Zoe Colclough (BC)
Alexi Gosset (ON)   Amy Commisso (ON)
Husam Hamour (ON)   Rhea Dhar (ON)
Noel Heaton (AB)   Brook Herring (BC)
Elliot Hunt (ON)   Brianna Jefferson (ON)
Neel Ismail (ON)   Emma Jinks (PEI)
Nikhil Ismail (ON)   Nicole Kendall (ON)
Conner Jinks (PEI)   Linsday Kuracina (ON)
Liam Jinks (PEI)   Taylor Mackay (AB)
Mitchell Kahnert (BC)   Maya Mansoor (ON)
Mohamad Kamal (AB)   Miriam Mansoor (ON)
Jackson Kay (ON)   Salma Mounir (ON)
Amin Khan (ON)   Patricia Nandi Ndebele (ON)
Griffin Manley(ON)   Charlotte Orcutt (ON)
Liam Marrison (ON)   Andrea Toth (BC)
Antonio Mendes (AB)    
David Mill (ON)    
Arthur Nguyen (ON)    
Ryan Picken (BC)    
Akasham Rajagopaul (ON)    
Brett Schille (AB)    
Sam Scivier (BC)    
Matt Toth (BC)    
Christian Yuen (BC)