Squash Canada Unveils Changes to its Officiating Program


OTTAWA (ON) – Earlier today, in collaboration with its Provincial/Territorial Squash Associations Squash Canada unveiled significant changes to their officiating program.  Among the changes made to the program is the creation of a new competency based structure to certify officials across all levels of the officiating pathway as well as the rebranding of Squash Canada’s certification levels.

In addition, Squash Canada and its Provincial/Territorial Squash Associations unveiled a new online certification course to certify coaches at the club level.  The first level of Squash Canada’s revamped officiating certification program has been rebranded “Club Referee” and replaces the previously used “D” level designation.  The training for Club Referee is available via Squash Canada’s learning channel http://coursepark.com/squashcanada.  The course may be purchased from either Squash Canada or Provincial/Territorial Squash Association websites. The course is currently available in English and French and may be purchased for CDN$30.00 + tax.

The changes to the officiating program were based on feedback received from provincial and national level competitors, Squash Canada’s Officiating Committee and from the Provincial/Territorial Squash Associations. An expert panel was created consisting of Canadian World Squash Federation (WSF) Referees Graham Waters and Wayne Smith, Squash Canada National Referee Barry Faguy, Tim Birch Jones of Objektive Consulting and Provincial/Territorial & Squash Canada staff to look at the overall structure of the officiating program and which led to the creation of the new course. Squash Canada is currently working on plans to finalize the competency-based requirements for subsequent levels of certification and further training and education will be offered in the near future.

Squash Canada Executive Director Danny Da Costa commented, “this platform will represent a significant technological advancement for the officiating certification program in Canada. The Club Referee certification will allow players of all levels, coaches and prospective officials to become certified across Canada regardless of where they reside”.  Da Costa also indicated “this course will provide a greater understanding of the rules of squash and should be help improve the level of play and overall safety of players in Canada”.

Some of the key features of the new e-learning Club Referee certification course include:
·         High definition videos using slow motion technology
·         Ability to move through various learning chapters
·         Pop up quiz feature at the end of each learning chapter
·         Downloadable course materials & links to additional officiating resources
·         Final Club Referee exam contained within the course
·         Certificate upon successful completion
·         The removal of the initial assessment as a requirement to achieve the Club Referee certification

The Club Referee certification is the first level under the new certification process and replaces the “D” level certification.  Subsequent levels have been renamed Local Referee, formerly known as “C” level, Provincial Referee, formerly “B” level and National Referee formerly “A” level.  

For more information on the new certification pathway and on the Club Referee course contact your Provincial/Territorial Squash Association or by visiting Squash Canada’s website www.squash.ca