Squash Canada Selects Club Locker as the Comprehensive Software Platform for Canadian Squash


After an extensive consultation and evaluation process involving its provincial/territorial affiliates and multiple proposals, Squash Canada has named Club Locker as its software system for tournament management, Canadian rankings, membership management and an array of other information management functions. The mobile-first, web-based app will better connect players, coaches, clubs and leagues across the country.

Squash Canada will begin using Club Locker for all of its nine national championships and international events, beginning with the 2018 Canadian Junior Open.

The organization has begun migrating its player results database to Club Locker, so that the software can also manage Canadian Rankings.  Moving forward, all future Canadian results will need to be uploaded to Club Locker in order to be reflected in the national rankings.

Other operations will be moved to the system over time.

In keeping with a resolution passed at the 2016 Squash Canada Annual General Meeting, provincial/territorial squash associations have also begun to transition to Club Locker and the goal of one, unified and integrated Canadian system.  Squash Alberta was first to operationalize Club Locker for its membership management, going live in July.  Squash Ontario, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Yukon, Quebec, Nova Scotia, PEI and Newfoundland & Labrador have also begun the transition to Club Locker.

With the national body and provincial/territorial affiliates beginning its onboarding, Squash Canada will soon be opening Club Locker to Canadian clubs and leagues.  The association will be calling for expressions of interest from local squash organizations who wish to take advantage of the made-for-squash software.  Club Locker’s tournament, league, find a match and court scheduling modules are perfectly suited for local groups.

The Club Locker technology platform was initially developed for use in the United States by US Squash.  It has now been licensed to a Collaborative, formed at present by US Squash, England Squash and Squash Canada, for global use that will serve players and administrators at all levels.  The World Squash Federation has also selected Club Locker for use with its events and operations.

“Squash Canada recognizes the significant value that technology can provide to every facet of organized squash”, said Dan Wolfenden, Squash Canada Executive Director.  “Using an integrated system that provides value to members and partners allows us to efficiently support the growth of the sport.”

US Squash President and CEO Kevin Klipstein welcomed the collaborative relationship. He said: “Through technology, national federations now have the opportunity to provide genuine value and connectivity across every aspect of the sport, including finding and matching players, tracking performance and rankings, managing organized competitive play and supporting facilities”.

Klipstein added that since US Squash has invested more than $1 million in Club Locker over the last four years, the cost-barrier to using the best-in-class service has essentially been eliminated, allowing the sport to take advantage of the fact that all squash federations share the same mission-based focus.

Under the Collaborative agreement, Squash Canada has obtained a national Club Locker license for its use, with rights to sub-license to member provincial/territorial associations and its affiliated clubs, leagues, tournament organizers and facilities.  Moreover, the American, English and Canadian squash organizations have taken steps to come together to share and collaborate for the growth of the sport globally, with ongoing meetings and discussions between respective CEO’s.

To find out more about Club Locker, visit http://docs.clublocker.com/