Squash Canada Announces Partnership with World Leading Tournament Software Platform



OTTAWA (ON) – Squash Canada announced today a new partnership with Netherlands based, Visual Reality who has created and developed a world-renowned Tournament Software platform for rankings and event management.  This programs is used by 3 World Federations, 15 regional Federations in 60 countries around the world.  Their products are used by millions of racquet sport athletes in 150 countries around the world.

Visual Reality has over 18 years experience providing tournament software solutions to local clubs, national and international federations. The Tournament Software Platform has been used in major international events such as World Individual & Team Squash Championships, Davis Cup (Tennis), and Olympic Games (Badminton).  The platform has an equally impressive client list including the World Squash Federation, International Tennis Federation, World Badminton Federation as well as European Squash Federation and National Federations such as Swedish Squash, Swiss Squash, Belgium Squash, Squash Netherlands and now Squash Canada.  In addition to Squash Canada, Badminton & Tennis Canada and their member provincial/territorial associations currently are transitioning to use the platform.

“Visual Reality has been perfecting its Tournament Software Platform for over 15 years, making it the most versatile & user-friendly tournament manager platform available.  We feel that this platform best suits the needs of our organization and ultimately will improve the registration process and overall tournament experience of Canadian squash players”, said Squash Canada Executive Director, Danny Da Costa.    

Some of the key functions of the platform include:  complete membership database, tournament event management system, event website, a large variety of draw types and formats, ability to publish rankings in a variety of different methods, tournament TV functions, social media integration with Twitter & Facebook, mobile applications for iPhone & android phones as well as the ability to use Live Scores functions. In addition their versatile League Planner platform is used by tens of thousands of people around the world, with some leagues containing over 2,000 teams in Europe.

Squash Canada will utilize the Tournament Software platform for its tournament management software, rankings and database.  Squash Canada will launch the platform in time for the start of the 2013 – 2014 squash season beginning in September. 

For more information on Tournament Software visit: http://www.tournamentsoftware.com/home.aspx