Can-Am Cup Glory For Canada


OTTAWA, ON, October 29, 2018 – For the first time in its 10-year history, Canada has swept all three trophies to win the 2018 edition of the Can-Am Cup.  The event was hosted entirely at the Toronto Cricket, Skating and Curling Club this past weekend defeating a talented United States team.

Team Canada 2018The weekend was initially shaping up to be a cliff-hanger.  At the end of Day One and 30 matches, the US and Canadian teams were perfectly tied with the men at nine matches each and the women at six matches each.  Friday’s biggest surprise was in the Women’s Open category where the #2 American pair of Maria Elena Ubina and Katherine Tutrone (NYC) pulled off the upset win over Canada’s #1 pair of Seanna Keating and Stephanie Hewitt (Toronto) by scores of 15-12, 9-15, 15-11, 8-15, 15-6.  On the Men’s Open side, the match of the day was the narrow win by the #1 American pair of Alex Domenick (NYC) and Will Hartigan (Boston) over Canada’s #2 pair Fred Reid Jr. and Brian Hong (Toronto) by scores of 12-15, 15-9, 12-15, 15-11, 15-10.

The Saturday schedule of 30 matches began with the teams trading wins, albeit with the US women streaking ahead winning the first four matches while the Canadian men notched the equivalent number to stay square.  Starting with the open matches midday, the Canadian women went on a dominating run of four consecutive 3-0 matches to pull back to even in the Women’s competition and go on to win the Gillen-Pierce Trophy for women’s play. 

The men’s teams swapped wins as the day wore on and the score remained close.  With four matches remaining, Canada was just a win away from locking up the sweep.  The US fought back taking the next two before the Canadian Men’s 45+ pairs of Scott Dulmage and Rich Thomson (Toronto) beat Ryan O’Connell (NYC) & Doug Hoffberger (Baltimore) by scores of 15-11, 15-8, 15-12.  Up next was Scott Stoneburgh and Eric Baldwin (Toronto) blanking Doug Lifford and Scott Poirier (Boston) by scores of 15-6, 15-9, 15-10 to close out the Men’s Bernheimer/Bell Trophy and secure the Can-Am Cup for Canada.

Day two highlight matches included the early morning Men’s 70+ #1 match up of Dave Potter and Chris Wheeler (Toronto) edging John Brazilian (Boston) & Clark Amos (St. Louis) in a marathon five gamer by scores of 11-15, 15-12, 9-15, 15-14, 15-12.  Shortly thereafter, Dawn Gray (Philadelphia) and Amy Milanek (Philadelphia) snuck by Paula Jenkins (London) and Heather MacLean (Toronto) by scores of 15-12, 11-15, 15-11, 14-15, 15-12.

The Sunday Mixed Doubles pairings were announced at the Saturday dinner and although the Can-Am outcome was known, there was an opportunity for the US team to narrow the margin of victory.  In the end, Friday’s theme was restored and the matches were split 3-3.  The outstanding match of the day occurred when Canada stole the 50+ match as Paula Jenkins (London) and John Hall (Toronto) defeated Phoebe Trubowitz (Portland) and Ed Chilton (Wilmington) by the seemingly impossible score of 15-14, 15-14, 9-15, 11-15, 15-14.

Canadian Captain Molson Robertson stated after the win, "When the intense match finally ended that clinched our Can-Am victory, and I realized that we had accomplished the highly improbable feat of a clean sweep of the Men's, Women's and overall Cup titles, I just felt so incredibly proud of what our team had accomplished. As of mid-day our ladies side was on the very edge of defeat, down 12-6 with 8 matches remaining, virtually no margin remaining but underdogs in many of those matches, yet they pulled together to pull off an historic run against all odds.  Our men side simply played rock solid from start to finish and won pulling away.  Our team showed such great spirit throughout with everyone madly cheering, coaching and supporting each other and I truly believe it was that coming together that made all difference. And when the final wrap-up concluded with a thundering rendition of O'Canada you could feel it in your bones!"

A review of the 2018 Can-Am Cup would not be complete without recognizing the generous support of Slaight Music and Ridley Windows & Doors as well as many other sponsors, which made the weekend possible..

The next edition of the biannual Can-Am Cup will be in Baltimore in 2020.

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Photo credits: Susan Sambrook